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Adrian Slater is 17, and was known as the Magnetic’s MR. NICE GUY.

+ Loyal, Quirky, Generous

- Spastic, Over-Bearing, Compulsive


In a group of friends, there is always that one guy that is always there. Whether it be for moral support or simply to provide himself as a verbal punching bag - he’s just a genuinely nice guy. No one has ever witnessed animosity from Adrian Slater. He was a rare kind amongst the species known as the Whitney Young High School’s students, but he was overlooked, nice guys are always overlooked. Despite not being given the gratitude he deserved, Adrian was a fortunate person - a typical background of a simple boy with both parents who loved him dearly and brought him up with a good head on his shoulders. With their son, the Slaters proved that chivalry wasn’t dead and though they were graced with a brilliant financial income, they made sure not to let their son bask in it and rather gave him the needs in life. Adrian was the complete opposite to the materialistic values that many of his rich classmates and instead of being obnoxious and spoiled, he gave what could not be taken. Giving was something he always did and always had kind intentions to help anyone even if his way of handling situations never ended up to be the brightest scenarios ever. Everybody in the Magnetics accepted that, though, because Adrian brought what they all needed to the table - himself. With his awkward to the extent of having people simply amused nature to being the most quirky out of all of them, Adrian was that one guy that was always there for Magnetics.

Graduation was a night that Adrian hated because he knew that he’d be saying goodbye to many people that had filled his life with memories. Vowing to stay the nice guy, he kept true to it even if the afterlife of high school was the hardest. But Adrian was never one to really dwell under the negativity of anything and did what he could which led him to score a job as a bartender. Not only did it teach him to never walk into a bathroom without knocking due to a potential threesome occurring, the job taught him patience and the ability to handle hate. Adrian had always been one to never retaliate and instead as the guy that took anything and accepted it, whether it be positive or negative. Adrian was a modern day hero in his lifetime, but unlike most heroes, he was quickly dismissed. Three years after Graduation and holding the title of Assistant Manager to the most popular bar in Chicago, Adrian was given the news of a fellow Magnetic and friend’s death. Never did he think Jonathan Miller would be the first to die especially from an overdose, but he attended the funeral with his best friend, Este Jackson, and her daughter who practically thought of him as her father, even though he wasn’t. It felt great to be back with his friends despite the circumstances and the wave of nostalgia hit him harder than a wrecking ball to a wall. The memory of high school really struck his heart and in a haze of wishful thinking, he wished for them to be together again and happy. The following morning when he woke up in his healthy, teenage form, nothing frantic changed in his mind - Adrian felt great, but knowing how his future, as well as the ones of his close friend’s, would pan out, would he take on the year as he did before, or is Adrian going to learn that even the best of people should toughen up?


Reese Planter → Upon arriving in Chicago after his family’s death, there were only two people that welcomed Reese with open arms - his uncle and Adrian. The friendship was always odd to people but to the two, they considered themselves brothers. If Reese ever lost his head, it was Adrian who caught it and screwed it back on. Of course, Reese would do his best to toughen up Adrian but it was always to a limit, never going past it.

Alana Sittenfeld → His best friend in all the right ways, Alana was the sole person that created a majority of the memories that Adrian held. There was always chemistry between the two, but neither of them pursued any type of relationship due to them not wanting to spoil their friendship if it failed. They’re each other’s moral support for everything and do things in school upon mutual agreement with each other.

Este Jackson → With their mother’s being best friends, it was a given that Adrian and Este be brought up to be best friends as well. They were basically like brother and sister with Adrian always looking out for Este and Este doing the same for Adrian. After Este’s mom left and her dad began abusing her, it was him that came to her rescue - but he still regrets he couldn’t do the same when it came to Ronan Whitburn, the boy who got her pregnant and left without supporting the baby. He doesn’t know that Este began prostituting herself to support her daughter, but he knew something was going on even though Eleni Sparks, Este’s best friend and a girl he was fond of, knew but refused to tell.


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